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The finest foods, straight from Southern Asia
Tiffin 5 container
Tiffin 3 container
Tea Strainer small
Tea Strainer big
Tawa Large
Tandoor SS BBQ with hood
Tandoor Sheekhs Thin (Small 4mm)
Tandoor Sheekhs Thin (Big 6mm)
Tandoor Sheekhs Thin
Tandoor Sheekhs Medium/Thick
Tandoor Cushion
Tandoor Copper with 2 sticks (For table serving)
Tandoor 30" Copper plus wheel SS top
Tandoor 23inch SS Round/Wheel
Tandoor 16inch SS Home
Tadka Pan small
Summit Charni (Flour Sieve)
Steel Gadvi Hammer Finished 9inch No.4
SS Valoni
SS Tongue Cleaner
SS Thali with 6 Compartment
SS Thali with 4 Compartment
SS Thali Round
SS Tavitha small

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