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The finest foods, straight from Southern Asia
Loose leaf Green Tea 5kg
Loose leaf Black Tea 5kg
Red Label Nature Care Flavoured Tea 1kg
Red Label Nature Care Flavoured Tea 500g
Ceygold Ceylon Granular Tea Leaf 225g
Ceygold Ceylon Tea Bags 25s
Jivraj 9 Masala Tea 250g
Jivraj 9 Premium Tea 500g
Jivraj 9 Tea 454g
Jivraj 9 Tea 908g
Joko Tea Bags 60s
Ceygold Ceylon Tea Bags 100s
PG Tips Tea Bags 300s
Palanquin Spiced Tea 40s
Palanquin Spearmint Tea 40s
Palanquin Redbush Spiced Tea 40s
Palanquin Redbush Cardamom Tea 40s
Palanquin Kenya Tea 40s
Palanquin Ginger Tea 40s
Palanquin Cardamom Tea 40s
Girnar Instant Masala Tea (36 Sachets)
Girnar Instant Saffron Tea (10 Sachets)
Girnar Instant Cardamom Tea (10 Sachets)
Ceygold Ceylon Granular Tea Leaf 450g

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