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The finest foods, straight from Southern Asia
Euro Plain Sev 1kg
Euro Bhadran Moong 400g
Euro Kenyan Chivda Hot 400g
Euro Kenyan Chivda Chilli Lemon 400g
Euro Farali Chivda Tikha 400g
Euro Plain Boondi 400g
Euro Masala Boondi 400g
Euro Banana Pepper Chips 125g
Euro Banana Chilli Chips 125g
Mango Cream roll 70g
Pineapple Cream roll 70g
Orange Cream roll 70g
Vanilla Cream roll 70g
Strawberry Cream roll 70g
Chocolate Cream roll 70g
Jabson Treasure Eternity - Assorted Peanut Pack of 4
Lays Maxx Hot & Sour Punch 33g
Doritos Nacho Cheese Flavour 39g
Doritos Nacho Spicy Sweet Chilli Flavour 44g
Too Yumm Karare Chilli Achari 80g
Too Yumm Karare Baked Munchy Masala 80g
Too Yumm Tandoori Fox Nuts 19g
Kasthamandaps Lakha:mari Aati 450g
Kasthamandaps Lakha:mari Aaitha 450g

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