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The finest foods, straight from Southern Asia
Tastic Par Boiled Rice LG 10kg
Sun Island Samba Rice 5kg
Sun Island Samba Rice 1kg
Sun Island Red Rice 1kg
Sun Island Red Basmati Rice 5kg
Sun Island Keeri Samba Rice 5kg
Suduru Samba Rice 5kg
Pujan Sona Masoori Rice 5kg
Pujan Sona Masoori Rice 20kg
Pujan Ponni Raw Rice 5kg
Pujan Matta Rice 5kg
Pujan Idli Rice 5kg
Pujan Dehraduni Basmati Rice 5kg
Pujan Basmati Mamra 500g
Pauva Nylon (Thin) 500gm
Pauva Dagdi (Thick) 500gm
Pauva Bataka (Medium) 500gm
Organic Red Rice 500g
Organic Black Rice 500g
Organic Bamboo Green Rice 500g
Kolhapuri Mamra 400g
India Gate Premium 5kg
India Gate Classic 5kg
Ganesh Basmati Rice 2kg

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