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The finest foods, straight from Southern Asia
Master Multigrain Roti 400g 8pcs
Master Wholemeal Fibre Roti
Master Garlic Roti
Master Rumali Roti 360g 6pcs
Master Plain Roti 500g 10pcs
Master Methi Roti 400g 8pcs
Master Missi Roti 400g 8pcs
Master Wholemeal Roti 500g 10pcs
Vimal RTE Surti Undhiyu 300gm
Vimal RTE Tadka Daal 300g
Vimal RTE Shahi Paneer Makhani 300g
Vimal RTE Paneer Tikka Masala 300g
Vimal RTE Sarson da saag 300gm
Vimal RTE Sambhar 300gm
Vimal RTE Shahi Rajma 300g
Vimal RTE Punjabi Kadhi 300g
Vimal RTE Dal Makhni 300g
Vimal RTE Palak Paneer 300g
Vimal RTE Mixed Vegetable Patiyala 300g
Vimal RTE Methi Mutter Malai 300g
Vimal RTE Kashmiri Dum Aloo 300g
Vimal RTE Chole Pindi 300g
Vimal RTE Baigan Bharta 300g
Vimal RTE Aloo Mutter 300g

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