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The finest foods, straight from Southern Asia
Steel Chuna/Tobacco Container
Shehnai Coloured Sweet Fennel Seed (Thick) 1kg
Sakaila Sopari (50+5pkt) Mukhwas
Rajnigandha Silver Pearls
Pratik Hiramoti Pan Masala 100gm
Patanjali Pachak Hing Goli 100gm
Patanjali Pachak Anardana Goli 100gm
Pachranga Gulkand 380g
Mukhwas Vimal Special 190g
Mukhwas Vimal Shahi Red Pan Mix 76g
Mukhwas Vimal Shahi Green Pan Mix 76g
Mukhwas Vimal Poona 170g
Mukhwas Vimal Natural Pan Mix 76g
Mukhwas Vimal Jeeragoli 180g
Mukhwas Vimal Jamnagri 200g
Mukhwas Vimal Gulab 190g
Mukhwas Vimal Chulbuli Imli 190g
Mukhwas Vimal 5in1 Sweet 200g
Mukhwas Vimal 5in1 Salty 250g
Mukhwas Sweet Fennel (Tini Mini) 500g
Mukhwas Sweet Fennel (Tin Mini) 200gm
Mukhwas Sweet Amla 200gm
Mukhwas Sopari Whole 1kg TSM
Mukhwas Sopari Tukda 500gm

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