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The finest foods, straight from Southern Asia
Gur Prasad Frozen Punjabi Pinni 340g
Gur Prasad Frozen Motichoor Laddoo 360g
Gur Prasad Frozen Moong Bal Barfi 340g
Gur Prasad Frozen Kaju Kesar Roll 312g
Gur Prasad Frozen Kaju Katli 255g
Gur Prasad Frozen Dodha Burfi 340g
Gur Prasad Frozen Besan Laddoo 400g
Gur Prasad Frozen Besan Burfi 340g
Fav Frozen Vattayappam (2pcs) 250g
Fav Frozen Neyappam (10 pcs) 400g
Fav Frozen Jalebi (9pcs) 400g
Apna Taste Rose Burfee 400g
Apna Taste Pista Rasmalai 850g
Apna Taste Motichoor Ladoo 400g
Apna Taste Mango Rasmalai 850g
Apna Taste Mango Burfee 400g
Apna Taste Khoya Pista Burfee 400g
Apna Taste Khoya Milk Cake 400g
Apna Taste Khoya Kalakand 400g
Apna Taste Khoya Halwa 400g
Apna Taste Khoya Burfi 400g
Apna Taste Khoya Bikaneri Burfi 400g
Apna Taste Khoya Badam Burfee 400g
Apna Taste Kesar Ras Malai 850g

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