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The finest foods, straight from Southern Asia
SK Frozen Springroll Pastry 500g
SK Frozen Roti Canai (Malabar) (5Pcs)
SK Frozen Puff Paratha Chilli & Garlic (5Pcs)
SK Frozen Stuffed Paratha Tomato & Onion (4Pcs)
Bismillah Chicken Samosas 20pc Spicy
Bismillah Chicken Samosa 20pc Mild
Deep Frozen Spinach Pakora 283g
Deep Frozen Methi Dhebra 285g
Deep Frozen Onion Pakora 283g
Deep Frozen Muthia 200g
Deep Mircha Masala Frozen Gobi Paratha 400g
Deep Mirch Masala Frozen Dal Paratha 400g
Deep Frozen Farsi Puri 340g
Deep Frozen Mixed Vegetable Paratha 4pcs
Favourita Frozen Veg Bread Roll 350g
Fav Frozen Mini Idli & Sambhar 300g
Fav Frozen Masala Idli 300g
Fav Frozen Fried Idli 300g
Vimal Frozen Curry Paneer Tikka Masala 290g
Vimal Frozen Curry Palak Paneer 290g
Vimal Frozen Curry Dal Tadka 290g
Vimal Frozen Curry Bhindi Masala 290g
Vimal Frozen Curry Dal Makhani 290g
Vimal Frozen Curry Veg Jaipuri 290g

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