A pioneer in the world of food products, Vimal Agro products lay its foundation stone way back in 1975 with one rice mill and has been on the path of success ever since. With extensive market research, inclination towards innovation and the directors' far-sightedness, Vimal Agro products pvt ltd set up its renowned processed food vertical in 1988 and there has been no looking back ever since. Paying utmost importance to customer satisfaction and keeping prime focus on maintaining a perfect balance between the taste of tradition and improving by innovation, the brand has established itself as an industry leader in the world of processed foods and beverages.
Vimal Panipuri 220gm
Vimal Matta Rice 5kg
Vimal Pooni Boiled Rice 5kg
Vimal Idli Rice 5kg
Vimal Gujarat 17 rice 5kg
Vimal Sona Masoori Rice 5kg
Vimal RTE Surti Undhiyu 300gm
Vimal RTE Tadka Daal 300g
Vimal RTE Shahi Paneer Makhani 300g
Vimal RTE Paneer Tikka Masala 300g
Vimal RTE Sarson da saag 300gm
Vimal RTE Sambhar 300gm
Vimal RTE Shahi Rajma 300g
Vimal RTE Punjabi Kadhi 300g
Vimal RTE Dal Makhni 300g
Vimal RTE Palak Paneer 300g
Vimal RTE Mixed Vegetable Patiyala 300g
Vimal RTE Methi Mutter Malai 300g
Vimal RTE Kashmiri Dum Aloo 300g
Vimal RTE Chole Pindi 300g
Vimal RTE Baigan Bharta 300g
Vimal RTE Aloo Mutter 300g
Vimal RTE Chatpate Chole 300g
Vimal RTE Navratan Korma 300g
Vimal RTE Mutter Paneer 300g
Vimal RTE Mumbai Pav Bhaji 300g
Pickle Vimal Mixed 300g
Pickle Vimal Mango 300g
Jaggery Organic Vimal 1kg
Mukhwas Vimal Shahi Green Pan Mix 76g
Mukhwas Vimal Shahi Red Pan Mix 76g
Mukhwas Vimal Natural Pan Mix 76g
Mukhwas Vimal 5in1 Salty 250g
Mukhwas Vimal 5in1 Sweet 200g
Mukhwas Vimal Jamnagri 200g
Mukhwas Vimal Poona 170g
Mukhwas Vimal Special 190g
Mukhwas Vimal Gulab 190g
Mukhwas Vimal Jeeragoli 180g
Mukhwas Vimal Chulbuli Imli 190g
Jaggery Vimal 500g
Jaggery Vimal 1kg
Vimal Mango Pulp with Titbits 900gm
Vimal Sarson Da Saag Tin 450g
Vimal Chick Peas in Brine Tin 400g
Vimal Mango Pulp Kesar 850gm
Vimal Mango Pulp Alphonso 850gm
Jaggery Vimal 5kg
Vimal Palak Block 2kg
Vimal Frozen Tuvar Lilva 285gm
Vimal Frozen Dudhi 340gm
Vimal Frozen Chikoo (Sapota) 1kg
Vimal Frozen Red Onion 340gm
Vimal Frozen Ratalu 340g
Vimal Frozen Mixed Vegetables 500g
Vimal Frozen Sweet Corn 500gm
Vimal Frozen Green Peas 1kg
Vimal Frozen Green Peas 500gm
Vimal Frozen Arvi Slice 340g
Vimal Frozen Green Chana Whole 340gm
Vimal Frozen Chauli Dana 340g
Vimal Frozen Green Garlic 340gm
Vimal Frozen Valore Lilva 285gm
Vimal Frozen Chauli Cut 340gm
Vimal Frozen Shredded Coconut 340gm
Vimal Frozen Surti Papdi Lilva 285gm
Vimal Frozen Green Chillies 340gm
Vimal Frozen Kantola 340gm
Vimal Frozen Parval 340gm
Vimal Frozen Tindora 340gm
Vimal Frozen Karela 340gm
Vimal Frozen Guvar 340gm
Vimal Frozen Suran 340gm
Vimal Frozen Val Papadi 340gm
Vimal Frozen Surti Undhiu 340gm
Vimal Frozen Surti Papdi 340gm
Vimal Frozen Palak (Spinach) Blocks 340gm
Vimal Frozen Methi Block 340gm
Vimal Frozen Drumsticks 340gm
Vimal Frozen Okra Whole 340gm
Vimal Frozen Okra Cut 340gm
Vimal Frozen Curry Paneer Tikka Masala 290g
Vimal Frozen Curry Palak Paneer 290g
Vimal Frozen Curry Dal Tadka 290g
Vimal Frozen Curry Bhindi Masala 290g
Vimal Frozen Curry Dal Makhani 290g
Vimal Frozen Curry Veg Jaipuri 290g
Vimal Frozen Aloo Tikki 800g
Vimal Frozen Methi Thepla 200g
Vimal Frozen Samosa Punjabi (80g) 25pc
Vimal Frozen Samosa Punjabi (40g) 25pc
Vimal Frozen Spring Roll Cocktail 96pcs
Vimal frozen Samosa Cocktail 1450gm 96pc
Vimal Frozen Samosa Chana Dal 400g
Vimal Frozen Chapatti 10pcs
Vimal Frozen Tandoori Garlic Naan 333gm
Vimal Frozen Tandoori Naan 426gm
Vimal Frozen Mixed Pakora 400gm
Vimal Frozen Kachori Moong Dal 400gm
Vimal Frozen Samosa Cocktail 400gm

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