The Spice Merchants
Our aim is to help you reach different flavours of the globe and connect people to authentic food from different parts of the world.
Cardamom Whole 50gm TSM
Mustard Seeds Split/Rai Kuria 200g TSM
Coriander Seeds Whole 500g TSM
Black Salt 200gm TSM
Bay Leaves 100gm TSM
Anistar Seeds 100gm TSM
Nutmeg Whole 50gm TSM
Black Pepper Whole 500gm TSM
Javentri (Mace) 50gm TSM
Chilli Whole Kashmiri 1kg TSM
Pizza Chilli Powder 500gm TSM
Pizza Chilli Powder 200gm TSM
Chilli Whole Hot (IND) 100gm TSM
Takmaria ( Basil Seeds) 200gm TSM
Mustard Powder (Black) 200gm TSM
Poppy Seeds 100g TSM
Rajwadi Garam Masala 5kg TSM
Curry Leaves Dry 50gm TSM
Javentri (Mace) 100gm TSM
Black Pepper Whole 100gm TSM
Citric Acid 100gm TSM
Fenugreek Powder (Methi) 200gms TSM
Bay Leaves 50gm TSM
Ajinomoto 100gm TSM
Chilli Flakes 500gm TSM
Chilli Flakes 200gm TSM
Black Salt 100gm TSM
Sindhav Salt 100gm TSM
Soda Bi Carb 100gm TSM
Black Pepper Whole 200gm TSM
Black Pepper Coarse 200gm TSM
Black Pepper Powder 200gm TSM
Elacha (Black Cardamom) 100gm TSM
Curry Powder 500gm TSM
Ajwain 500g TSM
Gundar (Edible Gum) 500gm TSM
Gundar (Edible Gum) 200gm TSM
Nutmeg Whole 200gm TSM
Nutmeg Powder 100gm TSM
Mustard Powder (Yellow) 200gm TSM
Suva (Dil) Seeds 200gm TSM
Kalonji (Nigella/Onion) Seeds 200gm TSM
Shah Jeeru 200gm TSM
AniStar Seeds 500gm TSM
AniStar Seeds 200gm TSM
Panch Puran 200gm TSM
Cardamom Powder 200gm TSM
Cardamom Powder 100gm TSM
Cardamom Seeds 200gm TSM
Cardamom Seeds 100gm TSM
Cardamom Whole 1kg TSM
Cardamom Whole 200gm TSM
Cardamom Whole 100gm TSM
Cinnamon Powder 5kg TSM
Cinnamon Powder 100gm TSM
Cinnamon Stick 200gm TSM
Cinnamon Stick 100gm TSM
Ginger Powder 200gm TSM
Fennel Powder 200gm TSM
Cloves Powder 200gm TSM
Cloves Powder 100gm TSM
Cumin Seeds 4kg TSM
Chilli Whole Kashmiri 100gm TSM
Coriander Powder 4kg TSM
Cumin Powder 5kg TSM
Turmeric Powder 5kg TSM
Chilli Powder Kashmiri TSM 5kg
Chilli Powder Kashmiri TSM 1kg
Chilli Powder Kashmiri TSM 200g
Chilli Powder Extra Hot TSM 5kg
Chilli Powder Extra Hot TSM 1kg
Chilli Powder Extra Hot TSM 500gm
Chilli Powder Extra Hot TSM 200gm
Chilli Powder TSM 5kg
Chilli Powder TSM 1kg
Chilli Powder TSM 500gm
Chilli Powder TSM 200gm
Chilli Powder Kashmiri TSM 500gm
Sumac Spice TSM 100g
Chana Roasted Plain 200gm TSM
Chana Roasted (Salt and Turmeric) 200gm TSM
Chana Roasted With Skin 200gm TSM
TSM Parboiled Rice Sella Premium 5kg
TSM Premium Basmati Rice 5kg
TSM Premium Basmati Rice 2kg
Fryums 500gm TSM
Fryums 200gm TSM
Mukhwas Dhana Daal 200g TSM
Mukhwas Pangilori (Shahi Pan) 100gm TSM
Mukhwas Dhana Daal 500g TSM
Mukhwas Sopari Whole 1kg TSM
Mukhwas Red TSM 200gm
Urad Dal (Black Split) 5kg TSM
Red Kidney Beans Light 500g TSM
Red Kidney Beans Dark 500g TSM
Popcorn 500g TSM
Mung Beans Celera 500g TSM
Mung Beans Berken 500g TSM
Mung Split (With Skin) 500g TSM
Masoor Gota (Without Skin) 500g TSM

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