Shree Ganesh
Shree Ganesh believes in making healthy, safe and quality products at an affordable cost, making it the customer’s preferred choice. Keeping this objective in mind, the company constantly improvises its technique and methodology.  It aims at satisfying customer expectations consistently, by updating upon its existing set up.
Ganesh Biryani Pulav Masala 100g
Ganesh Undhiya Masala 100g
Ganesh Dabeli Masala 100gm
Ganesh Chhole Masala 100gm
Ganesh Pav Bhaji Masala 100gm
Hing Powder (Asofotida) Ganesh 50gm
Ganesh Tea Masala 100g
Ganesh Chat Masala 100gm
Hing Powder (Asofotida) Ganesh 100gm
Ganesh Wheat Puff Sweet 200g
Ganesh Wheat Puff Hot 200g
Khari Ganesh Jeera 200g
Khari Ganesh Masala 200g
Khari Ganesh Plain 200g
Ganesh Basmati Rice 2kg
Pooja Thali Meena Ganesh/Lakshmi
Pickle Ganesh Mixed 1kg
Pickle Ganesh Gorkeri 1.2kg
Pickle Ganesh Chhundo 1.25kg
Pickle Ganesh Dabla 400gms
Pickle Ganesh Chana Methi 400gms
Pickle Ganesh Brinjal Hot 400gms
Pickle Ganesh Chhundo 450gms
Pickle Ganesh Gorkeri 450gms
Pickle Ganesh Lime Sweet 450gms
Pickle Ganesh Kerda 400gms
Pickle Ganesh Stuff Gunda 400gms
Pickle Ganesh Garlic 400gm
Pickle Ganesh Amba Halder 400gms
Pickle Ganesh Green Chilli 400gms
Pickle Ganesh Red Chilli 400g
Pickle Ganesh Lime 400gms
Pickle Ganesh Mixed 400gms
PIckle Ganesh Mango 1kg
Pickle Ganesh Lime 1kg
Pickle Ganesh Mango 400gms
Mathiya Ganesh 200gm
Ganesh Instant Bhajiya Mix 400g
Ganesh Instant Gulab Jamun Mix 400gm
Ganesh Instant Dhokla Mix 400gms
Ganesh Instant Dhosa Mix 400gm
Ganesh Instant Idli Mix 400gm
Ganesh Instant Dalwada Mix 400gm
Ganesh Instant Dahiwada Mix 400gm
Ganesh Instant Khaman Mix 400gm
Ganesh Instant Gota Mix 400gm
Ganesh Instant Handwa Mix 200gm
Ganesh Chikoo Shake Powder 100g
Ganesh Kokum- Jamun & Pomegranate Powder 100g
Ganesh Custard Apple Fruit Shake Powder 100g
Ganesh Tender Coconut Water Powder 100g
Ganesh Sugarcane Juice Powder 100g
Ganesh Guava Juice Powder 100g
Ganesh Kesar Sitafal Basundi Powder 100g
Ganesh Mosambi (Sweet Lime Juice) Powder 100g
Ganesh Aam Panna (Mango Juice) Powder 100g
Ganesh Mango Shake Powder 100g
Pani Puri (ready to fry Gol Gappa) Ganesh 200g
Khari Ganesh Methi 200g
Jaggery Ganesh 950g
Ganesh Multigrain Atta 5kg
Ganesh Gram Flour (Besan) 1kg
Ganesh Atta Coarse (Bhakhri Atta- Wheat Flour Coarse) 1kg
Ganesh Gram Flour Coarse (Besan) 1kg
Ganesh Gram Flour (Besan) 10kg
Ganesh Atta Flour 10kg
Ganesh Atta Flour 5kg
Ganesh Gram Flour (Besan) 5kg
Ganesh Gram Flour Corse (Besan) 5kg
Ganesh Atta Coarse (Bhakhri Atta- Wheat Flour Coarse) 5kg
Paste Ganesh Tandoori Curry 400gms
Paste Ganesh Ginger 400gms
Paste Ganesh Tamarind 450gm
Paste Ganesh Red Chilli 1kg
Paste Ganesh Date and Tamarind 1.2kg
Paste Ganesh Green Chilli 1kg
Paste Ganesh Date and Tamarind 450gms
Ganesh Chocolate Vanilla Cookies 400g
Ganesh Tea Time Cookies 400g
Ganesh Sweet Cookies 400g
Ganesh Soan Papdi Cookies 400g
Ganesh Sesame Cookies 400g
Ganesh Pistachio Cookies 400g
Ganesh Nankhatai Cookies 400g
Ganesh Jira Cookies 400g
Ganesh Farali Cookies 400g
Ganesh Cashew Cookies 400g
Ganesh Almond Cookies 400g

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