Karrara literally translates to ‘crunchy’ in Hindi. Our love for crunchiness never ends, does it? Be it those crunchy fresh vegetables or those yummy snacks, we want everything to be crunchy. You might have tried a zillion ways of making the snack mixtures and storing veggies in advance when there’s no help available and you are on your own. Taste’l has brought help in the form of Karrara. The next time you plan a dinner or want to prep up to cook from scratch you don’t really have to, everything ceases to be a burden, as food is made easy with Karrara’s frozen snacks. “Karrara” offers a wide spectrum of Oven Easy frozen Indian snacks and Wraps which serve as perfect appetizers and evening snacks, as well as a unique range of Indian Dips that will allure your senses.
Karrara Frozen Naanwich Bombay Aloo (Bombay Potato) 180g
Karrara Frozen Naanwich Garden Vegetable 180g
Karrara Frozen Naanwich Spinach Potato 180g
Karrara Frozen Naanwich Chana Masala (Chickpea in Tomato Sauce) 180g
Karrara Frozen Naanwich Aloo Chole(Potato Chickpea) 180g
Karrara Frozen Naan Tandoori 1.25kg
Karrara Frozen Naan Garlic Coriander 1.25kg
Karrara Frozen Samosa Punjabi (75g) 25pc
Karrara Frozen Samosa Veg Cocktail 240g
Karrara Frozen Wrap Mixed Veggie 160g
Karrara Frozen Wrap Aloo Tikki 160g
Karrara Frozen Veg Cutlet 320g
Karrara Frozen Mixed Platter 360g
Karrara Frozen Veg Springroll 240g
Karrara Frozen Veggie Burger 320g
Karrara Frozen Samosa Amritsari 400g
Karrara Frozen Veg Shammi Kebab 300g
Karrara Frozen Hara Bhara Kebab 300g
Karrara Frozen Aloo Tikki 320g
Karrara Frozen Samosa Punjabi (50g) 25pc
Karrara Frozen Veggie Burger 1.6kg
Karrara Frozen Samosa Amritsari 1.8kg
Karrara Frozen Dahi Bhalla 320g
Karrara Frozen Palak Methi Tikki 320g

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