Here at Jabsons we bring you tasty healthy snacks by handpicking quality ingredients which makes the entire snacking experience delicious.

Jabsons has an insatiable appetite for great taste. The wholesome treats are made by adapting a unique blend of modern technology to preserve the goodness of the products.
Jabsons Soan Papdi Traditional 500g
Jabsons Soan Papdi Traditional 250g
Jabsons Soan Papdi Mango 250g
Jabsons Soan Papdi Coconut 250g
Jabsons Soan Papdi Chocolate 250g
Jabsons Chikki Dryfruit 200g
Jabsons Chikki Dryfruit 40g
Jabsons Chikki Til Pista Elaichi 180g
Jabsons Chikki Coconut Crush 180g
Jabsons Chikki Sesame/Til Gud 240g
Jabsons Chikki Sesame/Til Laddu 180g
Jabsons Chikki Peanut Gud Laddu 210g
Jabsons Chikki Rajgira 130g
Jabsons Chikki Peanut Gud 100g
Jabsons Khakhra Chilly Garlic 180g
Jabsons Besan Laddu 250g
Jabsons Gajak Gud Khasta 400g
Jabsons Gajak Gud Kaju Roll 350g
Jabsons Gajak Gud Khasta 200g
Jabsons Gajak Gud Kaju Roll 175g
Jabsons Gajak Gud Agra 175g
Jabsons Khakhra Golgappa 200g
Jabsons Roasted Namkeen Soyabean Masala 180g
Jabsons Roasted Namkeen Sweet & Sour 200g
Jabsons Roasted Namkeen Navratan Mixture 200g
Jabsons Roasted Namkeen Jowar Mixture 200g
Jabsons Roasted Namkeen Bajra Masala 200g
Jabsons Roasted Namkeen Chana Jor 150g
Jabsons Roasted Namkeen Moong Jor 150g
Jabsons Namkeen Sev Mumra Papad 350g
Jabsons Namkeen Nylon Sev 1kg
Jabsons Namkeen Sabudana Mix 180g
Jabsons Namkeen Mini Bhakharwadi 160g
Jabsons Namkeen Khatta Meetha 160g
Jabsons Namkeen Kaju Badam Lachha 160g
Jabsons Namkeen Dry Samosa 160g
Jabsons Namkeen Soya Stick Classic salted 150g
Jabsons Namkeen Soya Stick Tangy Tomato 150g
Jabsons Namkeen Soya Stick Magic Masala 150g
Jabsons Namkeen Soya Stick Chinese Chatka 150g
Jabsons Namkeen Banana Chips Classic Salted 150g
Jabsons Namkeen Banana Chips Black Pepper 150g
Jabsons Namkeen Banana Chips Aachari Lemon 150g
Jabsons Namkeen Sing Bhujia 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Shahi Mix 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Ratlami Sev 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Rajwadi Mix 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Moong Dal Salted 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Halka Fulka 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Falhari Chivda 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Chana Dal Pudina 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Bikaneri Bhujia 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Bhavnagri Ganthiya 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Alu Sev 140g
Jabsons Namkeen Cocktail Nuts 120g
Jabsons Namkeen Kadhi Patta Boondi 90g
Jabsons Chikki Sesame/Til Laddu 400g
Jabsons Chikki Assorted 400g
Jabsons Chikki Peanut Anjeer 400g
Jabsons Chikki Mawa 200g
Jabsons Roasted Chana Spicy Masala 150g
Jabsons Roasted Chana Nimboo Pudina 150g
Jabsons Roasted Chana Gud Chana 150g
Jabsons Roasted Chana Black Pepper 150g
Jabsons Khakhra Bajra Methi 200g
Jabsons Khakhra Ajwain 200g
Jabsons Khakhra Plain Salted 180g
Jabsons Khakhra Falhari 140g
Jabsons Gajak Gud Agra 400g
Jabsons Gajak Gud Revadi 400g
Jabsons Gajak Gud Revadi 200g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Supreme (Bharuchi) 400g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Dabeli 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Digestive 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Wasabi 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Tandoori 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Thai Sweet Chilli 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Bar-B-Que 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Cheese Tomato 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Lemon & Chilli 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Hing Jeera 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Black Pepper 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Nimboo Pudina 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Chilly Garlic 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Spicy Masala 140g
Jabsons Roasted Peanut Classic Salted 160g

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