In each bite of any delicious Peek Freans biscuit lies the rich tradition of true grit and hard work that has been so essential to EBM’s journey. It has taken many achievements, big and small, for EBM to reach its position as the industry leader today. EBM has followed the legendary Pied Piper to quality and success in Pakistan’s branded biscuit business. Below is a glimpse at some of our major milestones:
EBM Biscuits Sooper Half Roll 390g
EBM Biscuits Gluco Half Roll 390g
EBM Biscuits Rio Chocolicious Double Chocolate Chip 105.8g
EBM Biscuits Rio Chocolate 122.2g
EBM Biscuits Rio Strawberry/Vanilla 122.2g
EBM Biscuits Rio Vanilla 122.2g
EBM Biscuits Chocolate Sandwich 130g
EBM Biscuits Lemon Sandwich 130g
EBM Biscuits Marie 157.5g
EBM Biscuits Chocolicious Chocolate Chip 108.6g
EBM Biscuits Jam Delight 105g
EBM Biscuits Party Pack 135.8g
EBM Biscuits Nan Khatai Classic 116.2g
EBM Biscuits Click 142g
EBM Biscuits Gluco 163g
EBM Biscuits Peanut Pik 142g
EBM Biscuits Peanut Pista 112g
EBM Biscuits Sooper Elaichi 112g
EBM Biscuits Sooper 112g
EBM Gluco Biscuits 168g
EBM Sooper Egg and Milk Cookies 112g
EBM Peanut Pista Biscuits 112g
EBM Peanut Pik Biscuits 142gm

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