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Our aim is to help you reach different flavours of the globe and connect people to authentic food from different parts of the world.
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Over 4000 authentic Indian spices, spice mixes, rice, groceries, savouries, ready to eat meals, edible oils, lentils, pulses, food products and frozen seafood and other ethnic food products to the Australian food service and ethnic retail food industry.  
We have a vast and varied customer base which includes government organisations, major multiple supermarket chains, cash & carry’s, restaurants, hotels and other foods service outlets, wholesalers, ethnic retail outlets and gourmet deli’s.
Our products are sourced from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries around the world.
Our Team
Our strength is our relationship with our partners, our customers, the quality and authenticity of our products, our sales team, our distribution team, our ability to understand what our customers’ requirements are and our ability to keep our promise to our customer.  
The Best Quality
Our products come in different shapes and sizes, different packaging, so many different colours & textures, but all go through a strict quality control right from the source to factories & packaging plants, to shipping until it reaches our customer. 
 We work very closely with our partners (Suppliers) to ensure consistent supply of quality products at a competitive price.
Spice up your life.
Come in and find a range of spices and products to help you create delicious Indian meals.
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